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Product Description

Give your voice an authentic Stormtrooper sound with this easy to use random static burst system. It is truly plug and play. Complete with Voice activation or push to talk.

TK6294’s Static Burst Voice Card –iComm Taking orders and ready to ship!

NOTE! The iComm requires an VoiceBooster Voice Amplifier in order to work. Here is a link to the most commonly purchased amplifier for Stormtroopers.

The Recommended Amplifier: VoiceBooster MR1506 10watt

Not for use with the iComm: VoiceBooster models MR2200, MR2300, MR2300, AK38 and other brands of amplifiers.

Special Note Regarding the VoiceBooser MR1505 model (3/13/2016): The issues that were having bwtween the iComm and the MR1505 have been resolved with a hardware revison to the iComm. 


We have the static burst sound that you have been looking for. 

We know that you want something that just works and does not have a bunch of complicated settings. We tried all of the other static burst cards on the market. Most of them are not very good but a couple of them are good systems. While those systems offer great features, those systems may have drawbacks for some users, depending on their intended use. Some examples may be high price, availability, complicated settings, un-protected circuitry, and external battery packs.

The iComm was made to be a simple plug and play static burst box. It has 8 random static burst and adds a small about of background static and voice modulation to simulate a transmission. It is powered off of the VoiceBooster voice amplifier so there is no external battery pack. The iComm comes in a self contained protective box small enough to easily fit inside armor. It works in both voice activated mode (VOX) or in push to talk (PTT) mode. The iComm even allows you to select and play just one static burst sound.

Note: If you order an amplifier that is not the VoiceBooster brand there is a good chance the iComm will not work with it. 


o 8 different static burst sounds

o Random static burst mode

o Individual sound mode

o Push to Talk activation

o Voice (VOX) activation

o Plug and Play design

o Powered by the VoiceBooster voice amp

o Dimensions: 3.12in x 2.25in x 0.75in

o Weight: 2.3oz


o Imperial Communication System

o Protective J-Box

o PTT Cable 55inches long(Type 1, one male 3.5mm prong)

o Operation Manual

o 6 ft 3.5mm patch cable

o Not included: VoiceBooster Voice amplifier, Microphone. These can be purchased separately on this website.

The typical voice amplifier is the VoiceBooster MR1506 10watt model. Note, all VoiceBooster amplifiers will work with the IComm except the MR100 model. In addition, certain Aker models models will no longer work with the iComm including the MR1505. Our VoiceBooster MR1505 has been specially modified to work with the iComm. So be sure to order from us. 

iComm Operation Manual




Static Burst Sounds


Selecting one static burst


iComm WIRING DIAGRAMS Standard set-up in VOX or PTT Mode

Memorex Wireless Headset Mic Set-up for VOX or PTT

What is the difference between the Type 1 PTT and the Type 2 PTT cables?

  • Type 1 PTT has one male 3.5mm prong with a micro-push button on one end.
  • Type 2 PTT has two male 3.5mm prongs with a third cable in the middle branching off to a micro-push button.
  • The Type 2 PTT does not work in the iComm PTT port but does work in-between the mic and the iComm or in-between the iComm and the VoiceBooster amp. 


To my business partners Jeaky and Dirk, Thank you! You made it happen!

To my Testing team, Daniel Carlton , Terry Chui, Noel Green, and James Atkinson, you guys are the best and you made the iComm what it is today. Thank you!

Warranty Information

6 month parts and labor warranty

Other Details

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Product Reviews

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  1. iComm

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Apr 2017

    Love this product. It works great, tried others but this is the one that does what I need.

  2. Outstandingly easy to use!

    Posted by Jon on 27th Mar 2017

    I recently installed my I-Comm into my TK armor, and I can say it is extremely easy to use and easy to enjoy! It is small, unobtrusive and the static bursts and voice come through loud and clear. I am running a loop of the "TK Chatter" through my speaker's SD port (easy to do with the speakers as well!!!) and my voice and burst are right on with the chatter voices! Everything works perfectly!

    This should be a standard in everyone's Stormtrooper Armor!

    Thanks guys!

  3. Value for money

    Posted by Bruce on 23rd Mar 2017

    was worried ordering something from the other side of the world from only seen it on the YouTube channels and a couple of reviews that I could find . Words cannot describe how excited I am with it . The only problem is what Burst sound to go with or just keep it on random as they are all so good
    Just between you and me I have played new hope and muted the tv so it was me telling them to move along . I would recommend this to anyone who's looking for the voice. And very fast delivery from mighty USA to little old New Zealand

  4. very good

    Posted by Luis Miguel Salgado on 9th Mar 2017

    Product that very good and meets all expectations
    Highly recommend.

  5. Great product

    Posted by Shane A on 9th Feb 2017

    I bought this item after seeing it demonstrated on a video. It works right out of the box and does a stellar job. Quickly shipped, well packed, highly recommended.

  6. Excellent Product! Worthy of any serious Stormtrooper

    Posted by TK StOrMtrOoPeR (soon to be approved by 501st) on 31st Jan 2017

    I ordered my iComm system and it was shipped from Texas to Canada in exactly 1 week. Super fast delivery with no extra customs processing or additional charges. Very pleased with this communication system. I have been working on getting my armour approved and this is the only thing that I needed to make my outfit completed! Thank you so much for getting one more step closer to joining the Darkside!

  7. Best sound ever

    Posted by Joshua on 23rd Jan 2017

    As a Star Wars enthusiast it's very crucial to get a realistic sound. With the ICOMM you get a great sound with awesome static bursts at the end. It is very simple to use and does not have a battery so it is easily concealable in armour. After hearing all that you would expect it to be expensive but it's the price that really makes it a must have for trooping. I am very happy with the price and performance with this product.

  8. Great Product

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jan 2017

    Does exactly what you need it to, highly recommend.

  9. Worthy of the 501st Legion

    Posted by Javier Villagomez TK19878 on 21st Dec 2016

    I just got mine and the sound is crystal clear, the voice activation requires getting used to when talking but other than that is the perfect item for a tormtrooper wanting to go trooping. A BIG salute to the Star Garrison from the Ecuador Garrison (newly upgraded to garrison) for such a great piece of technology for the Legion! Long live the Empire!!

  10. Ideal for imperial stormtrooper armor!

    Posted by Oldřich Martinec on 8th Dec 2016

    Precisely the work done, and fast delivery from Texas to the Czech Republic !! This company doing a professional job.

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